Spaces are still available for the Hearing Voices Group Facilitator Training, February 24th – 26th, at the Boca Raton Community Center. Apply now!

Firsthand knowledge & insight from
trainers with extensive lived experience

Hearing Voices Groups originated in Europe and there are now over 160 chartered groups in England alone. They do not pathologize voice hearing, seeing visions, or other unusual experiences. Instead, group members explore these phenomena in an environment of mutual support and curiosity. They offer people the opportunity to share their experience and explore new ways of coping, understanding their experiences, and getting support.

sTART a GROUP or help with onE

Signal20 is teaming up with Western Massachusetts Recovery Learning Community (RLC) to bring Hearing Voices Group Facilitator Training to South Florida. The primary purpose is training people to start Hearing Voices Groups on their own. It is intended to familiarize participants with the Hearing Voices approach and provide the tools and understanding needed to facilitate groups.


Trainers will include two members of the Western Mass Recovery Learning Community team. Our trainers have extensive insight and knowledge from firsthand experience with hearing voices and/or seeing visions and experience in group facilitation.

who should attend

This training is open to anyone with firsthand experience of hearing voices, seeing visions or other unusual experiences, allies and supporters, and especially anyone who is:

  • Interested in starting a new Hearing Voices Group or supporting an existing one in your area.
  • Interested in learning about and helping to spread an approach that is totally different than conventional clinical approaches on voice hearing and is changing lives.
  • Someone who hears voices, sees visions, or has other similar experiences, or is an ally to the approach (providers, etc).
  • Someone with group facilitation experience or has lots of potential as a group facilitator.

space is limited – apply asap

Applications are available here or by emailing There is a $100 fee for the training (though this can be waived upon request). More information about the Hearing Voices approach is available at

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Feel free to email us at or text/call 561-609-7935 with questions or comments. Or, email Western Mass RLC at As always, we sincerely want to thank everybody for your continued support. We really appreciate it!