Some of you may remember the amazing training that Cindy Marty Hadge and Caroline Mazel-Carlton provided at our in-person Hearing Voices sessions in Boca Raton. Cindy and Caroline offer tremendous wisdom and insight. Participants asked how they could continue support and healing. Together, along with the Wildflower Alliance, Cindy and Caroline offer support and consultation for individuals and family members via ZOOM/Google Meet or telephone. Interested individuals can schedule a session here. Be sure to specify Cindy or Caroline as the person you are hoping to talk to. The recommended sliding fee for a one hour consultation is $25-45. Any questions about scheduling or payment can be emailed to [email protected].

Dylan grew up with a mother who has Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). Given that DID has often been inaccurately and negatively portrayed in film and television, Dylan envisioned and created this film to realistically depict a day in the life of a woman with DID in an engaging and educational way.

PLEASE NOTE: There are two versions of the film as the full version might be triggering for some viewers.

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