Hearing Voices Group Facilitator Training…

Signal20 is teaming up with Western Mass RLC to bring Hearing Voices Group Facilitator Training to South Florida!

Monday, February 24—Wednesday, February 26, 2020
Boca Raton Community Center, Boca Raton, Florida

Hearing  Voices Groups originated in Europe and now there are over 160 chartered  groups in England alone. Hearing Voices Groups do not pathologize  hearing voices, seeing visions or other unusual experiences. Instead,  group members explore these phenomena in an environment of mutual  support and curiosity. They offer people who hear voices, see visions or  have other unusual experiences the opportunity to share their  experience and explore new ways of coping, understanding their  experiences and getting support.

This  training is intended to familiarize participants with the Hearing  Voices Movement and provide them with the tools and understanding that  they need to facilitate groups. These trainings are open to individuals  with first-hand experience hearing voices, seeing visions, and/or other  unusual experiences, and allies!

Space is Limited – Apply ASAP